Disability Insurance is Important for Physicians


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As a physician, you’ve likely seen patients, colleagues, or loved ones suffer from a disabling illness or injury. Which means you probably understand how quickly and dramatically a disability can change a person’s life, and the financial impact it can have on their family. But have you ever thought seriously about what a disability could mean to you? Who would pay your bills if you were in a car accident on your way home from work? How would the mortgage get paid if you had to take time off to deal with an illness?

What about your family’s general living expenses, car payments or your student loan debt? Your savings will only last so long. What’s your long-term plan if something unexpected were to happen? What would you do without your paychecks for a few months or even years? You and your family depend on your income. Your ability to work as a physician is worth millions of dollars over the course of your career. And as your family’s most valuable asset, isn’t this future income potential worth protecting?

So what can you do? You can insure it. The Physician’s Disability Insurance Agency helps doctors secure own occupation disability insurance policies from the top insurance carriers. Our experienced agents will assist you in putting together customized disability insurance quotes specific to your situation.

Call us now at 800-518-1190 to learn more about disability insurance, obtain multiple quotes, and see what options are available to you. Or simply visit us on our website at www.DisabilityInsuranceAgency.com for more information. The fact of the matter is no one is invincible to a career-altering illness or injury. Obtain the financial security and peace of mind that comes along with purchasing a physician’s disability insurance policy.

Protect your income. It’s your most valuable asset.

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